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We are Amsterdam Painters Tours. We organize special walk-and-draw tours through the most beautiful streets of Amsterdam, for those who want to learn more about the most famous painters that the city has ever known. And we want to give you the opportunity to be Van Gogh or Rembrandt for a day!


During the tours, our experienced and especially passionate guides lead you through the city. They take you along the ancient canals, churches, houses, cafes, and restaurant that are part of the stories of Netherlands’ greatest artists. Along the cafés where Rembrandt once drank his beers and along the quays where Van Gogh captured the Amsterdam views on canvas a century and a half ago.


On the way, we offer you the opportunity to take the pencil yourself. Under the watchful eye and at the helping hand of our guides, who have a past as art teacher, you can open up your personal Amsterdam Painters Tours guide-and-drawing book and sketch at the places where the great artists once made their works. Sketches of the city of today, inspired by the painters of that time.


And we do not just stop to draw; also when it comes to the culinary field we do our best to pamper you, with stops at authentic cafes and restaurants for nostalgic Amsterdam delicacies. To defy the Dutch weather in style, we also provide you with an Amsterdam Painters Tours backpack, with - in addition to your booklet and character set - your very own umbrella and poncho.


Walk with us and be inspired and surprised by the city, its artists, their stories and perhaps even your own drawings. Amsterdam Painters Tours treats you on an educational, historical, creative and culinary tour, through the most beautiful city in the world.